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From Olympians to professional athletes, weekend warriors and everyone else who desires to live a lean and healthy and fit lifestyle, Results Studio offers DESIGNED PROGRAMS, just for you.   Workout once with the Results Training Team for free and we guarantee that you will fall in love.

Get on the Results Training Team for free and we will guarantee that you'll fall in love.


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Erika Aeschliman

  • Certified and Insured Personal Trainer (AFAA) 

  • Specialized in core development, and functional flexibility 

  • Nutritional counselor with extensive back ground in meal prepping. 

  • 15 years dance and acrobatic experience *NPC bikini Competitor 

  • Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


John Rohan


  • Certified Personal Trainer specializing in strength training 

  • Dedicated to providing the most effective, ever-evolving ways of reaching your personalized goals 

  • Well versed in pairing the right health and dietary habits with your training


 Esteban Sable (Sable) 

Coach Sable has more than 15 years of experience training clients and helping them reach their personal fitness goals. He knows how to get your body to transform and knows how to motivate you so that you can achieve results.

Born and raised in New York City Coach Sable keeps a No-Nonsense approach as he understands the need for efficiency and effectiveness.

Working with a limited amount of clients at a time, he ensures absolute attention to his clients individual needs.


As we age it is crucial that we increase our strength & improve our flexibility to maintain fluid & pain free movements.

Octavian Ionescu


Growing up with a bellow the average body and tired of being out of shape, Octavian decided to take charge and up his fitness. While he achieved those goals and further more even competed in IronMan, he become very passionate about helping others achieve their best bodies and health.


Throughout his career, as a trainer and lifestyle coach, he worked with various people from college athletes, Dr, owners, CEOs, COOs and SR Directors of the most successful companies in the world to our dear seniors up to 101 YO.


Since he was rigorously educated & trained by some of the top fitness institutions in the U.S. and globally, your health and body can benefit from his expertise.


Fat loss, muscle tone, strength, calisthenics


 George Raz 

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified and insured Personal Trainer

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist  (PES)

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist  (CES) 

  • Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist  (MMACS)

  • Fitness and nutrition specialist (FNS)

  • 3rd Degree Black Belt (California Cup Taekwondo Champion 2007)

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