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NO long term financial commitments

To ensure your safety, our Fitness Professionals have extensive backgrounds in kinesiology, sports training and rehabilitative/recovery training. Workout as much or as little as you want.  


RESULTS is a private fitness facility with NO monthly fees, NO long-term commitments, and NO high-pressure sales.  


With Fitness Professionals available to work with you 6 to 7 days a week, we’re able to accommodate your busy schedule. We’re committed to helping you reach your goals!


After a complimentary training session and personalized fitness assessment, we’re confident that you’ll be ready to take the first step towards better fitness.  


To schedule an appointment, call or email  us today. You’ll be glad you did!   


You are looking for good trainers.

Not to brag, but we are the best!

Certified and experienced, our trainers are ready to provide you with the right fitness journey for your lifestyle, body and diet.


We're recognized by the most important TV Networks


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Meet the owner

Leo Frincu is a World Champion & Transformation Coach, renowned as a top strategist for business leaders and elite athletes worldwide.

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There’s only one reason to hire a trainer: because you want better results than you’ve been getting.
Your body is like a high performance vehicle, built to work perfectly and take you where you want to go in style. You wouldn’t put cheap gas or go to a questionable mechanic to repair a luxury vehicle. If you wanted to get the best results, you must give that vehicle the best care possible.
For your body, for the results you want, the best is trainer Leo Frincu.

As a world champion athlete, Leo learned and now teaches the principles that will most efficiently take you from where you are right now to achieving the results you most desire, whether that’s losing 20 lbs. or winning your own world championship title.
As an escapee of communist Romania, Leo brings a remarkable perspective on how to get the best from yourself, even under pressure, every time – and how to find the inner reserve to win against all odds. Today, Lep Frincu is renowned as a top performance strategist for business leaders and elite athletes worldwide.

As a trainer and owner of one of the most cutting-edge gyms in Southern California, Leo ‘s training strategy outpaces all others, because he knows that physical success starts with mental success.
His “high performance mentality” is a unique training philosophy, customized for your particular goals and desires. Leo will help you create a field of self-awareness around yourself that carries into every aspect of your life. You will learn how to live your best life, in the high performance body you want to live it in, every single day.
Leo says, “I don’t make promises, I deliver.”


Take the first step towards better fitness.

To schedule an appointment, call or email us today. You’ll be glad you did! ;-)

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